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Rant On aka NBC you’re a d*ck

I think it’s hard for any fan to describe the feeling they have when their favorite television show gets canceled.

Not many can relate – likewise to a person who loves their pet like a child. It just seems so odd to become that attached to something that lasts (or lives) for such a short period, compared to other more common objects of affection.

But, I like to think of becoming a fan of a television series as falling in love with a good book, or a good story. It sticks with you forever. Something very magical can occur when you start watching a show that just *clicks* for you. It’s all about relation, connection and passion.

At first you are merely getting to know it, like you’re meeting a new and potential friend. You carefully watch it, full of judgment. You become a critic – but the more you watch, the more you spend time with it – you have an opinion. The real magic happens when you start to care. The characters, the plot, it begins to mean something to you. Whether it piqued your curiosity at the start or turned a corner and smacked you silly with a feeling of déjà vu, you end up having a *moment* where everything just seems to turn from black and white, into vibrant color.

Then there is a connection – a spark. You have instantly decided to let the show become a member of your family. You make time for it, you arrange dates for it. You plan for it. You celebrate it, and over time, you feel like you have found a reliable and best friend who is there for you when others friends are not.

Lastly, there is one other thing that may occur when committing time to watching a television series (especially for the diehard fans). This is the moment when the series becomes even more than a show but an inspiration.

Those of us who get to this point are so overcome with passion for what our eyes and ears have soaked up from every episode, so much that we want to do something about it. We certainly can’t grab our bags and head out to meet our favorite characters on location, because they don’t exist… and we can’t make a call and ask to visit the set where the actors make our favorite television moments come to life. So what do we do? We write, we scream, we shout, we make noise and we support the show in every way possible. We think of ways to help promote. We think of ways to get involved and - one of my favorite parts – we make sure that the cast, the crew and everyone who has anything to do with the show knows just how much we love them.

That is, until disaster strikes – and the big league network nixes their support.

We are then left alone, in the cold – supporting something we fought so hard to promote. Our commitment steadfast, but we end up being tied to the anchor of a sinking ship that has now sailed out of the scope of the very investors that told us to hop aboard.

In conclusion though, I have to admit that not only does this hurt me as a fan of Revolution, but it hurts me as a professional who expects more from the industry AND as an audience member.

Regardless if you are part of the world of production, film, television, writing, SAG or otherwise related to the television networks, this is a great example of the deterioration of scripted television, as well as the reputation of a company’s moral ethic.

If doctors have to swear an oath to do no harm, I think television networks should have to conform to more than a contract with just their employees (producers, cast and crew) but with their audience.

The real question then becomes, why should I commit to watch what you want to show me if you can’t commit to keep showing it to me if I like it? What’s in it for me? Why should I invest my time if you’re not willing to invest your effort?

What a shame to any shows out there that have a strong fan base but not “profitable” ratings.

In the words of Miles Matheson, NBC “you’re a dick.”

- a.r.

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